5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner

Leave it to the professionals!

Congratulations future Mr & Mrs!

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting things of your life --but, it can also be one of the most stressful. I have compiled 5 reasons why we believe couples should hire a wedding or event planner to help you out!

1. Stress & Sanity. Planning a wedding is stressful. From researching vendors to creating itineraries, there are lists of details that cannot be forgotten. Hiring a planner can save you your sanity. We take that stress off of the couple and do what we do best – is plan the wedding of your DREAMS!

2. Leave it to the professionals. Why? Because it is our full-time job. We are experienced. We have built relationships with venues and vendors in the area and know which fit your style. We dedicate hours to your special day, covering every detail.

3. Just in case. As a planner we know what to do, when there's a surprise. An accident on the road to the venue and guests are going to be late? Its okay we can rearrange your timeline. Your favorite florist got your flowers mixed up? It happens. With our experience and knowledge of the things that could go wrong on your day, no matter what we are there to make it right.

4. Budget-minded. We know what things should cost and what you should pay for it. Creating, and sticking to a budget could be one of the hardest things you have to do throughout your engagement. We are there to help you prioritize what you'd like. Is photography more important to you than your DJ? We can give you other vendor options. We pride ourselves in creating your dream wedding, within your budget --and not a penny over.

5. Peace of mind. Are you overwhelmed by the details and have forgotten how special this time is? We are here for you. One of our favorite parts of the planning process is taking the weight of planning the perfect wedding off of your shoulders. You don't have to plan this alone. We want to plan alongside you and hear your dreams and make them reality. This peace of mind comes to a peak on your wedding day. We are the ones to deal with the countless last minute details. Day of, we are there to make sure everything flows as smoothly as possible. You are there to enjoy every single moment, without a worry in the world.

Can you do it yourself? As a detailed, organized bride-to-be I thought I covered everything, but my escort cards didn't get placed out in order (minor detail, but frustrating none-the-less!) I also had to keep up with my maid of honor on the evenings timeline. If I had a planner I could have had someone else keep track of the timeline instead of having to rely on my MOH. She could have enjoyed the night! While my wedding was AMAZING I regret not having a planner to handle all the fine details.