Are Wedding Details Stressing you out?

How to Enjoy your Engagement as you plan a Wedding


Recently I've met with a few engaged couples (brides, mostly) who are drowning in details. They are heading to Barnes and Noble or buying the biggest Wedding Planners book on Amazon. From there, they start organizing their Pinterest boards and contacting all of the vendors in the area. Nothing necessarily wrong with this method, but I feel there's a better way of going about this process.

Celebrate. Before you look at a venue, or change your Pinterest board from "Imaginary Wedding" to "It's happening on 9/03/2017," celebrate. There are people surrounding you that deserve to know first, and celebrate with you.

So you've changed your Facebook status to engaged. Now, everyone and their cousin will start congratulating you (which is wonderful) and then telling you what to do, and what not to do (not so wonderful). Though sometimes this can be beneficial, it usually leads to feeling more overwhelmed. So instead of trying to respond back to everyone, follow-up with another status, comment, what have you, that says "We appreciate your congratulations and well wishes, and will be in touch with those that have responded with great ideas and offering help." This means you can leave out the ideas that were for 20 years ago, or your elementary friend that thinks they're going to be invited.

Planning time. Going out and buying a book sounds great, especially if you are a list person. But, when you buy a book of 300 pages and you flip through it and see that only 20 of those pages are relatable to you and your wedding -- it's not worth it. Instead if you do purchase it, a week later you're going to be thinking, "Do I need to meet with 10 different caterers to find the best one?" No. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do including read through pages about a hotel reception when you are hosting your wedding in a barn. 

At this point you will know if you want to continue planning your wedding by yourself and with your closest friends -- not broadcasting every detail on social media that there will be no surprises for your guests, or hire a planner. You also might realize, as you should, "I want to plan everything, but on the day of, I won't be able to put into play and take care of all these details." That's when you hire a day of coordinator.

This could be (and should be) the last time you will ever be engaged. Enjoy it. Take dates with your fiance and don't even talk about the wedding, and on other days discuss with them what they would like to be a part of! Will you be overwhelmed? Yes. Will you overcome it? You can. Figure out your budget, stop comparing your wedding to the latest Pinterest trends, ask for help, and enjoy this process of planning the day you've always dreamed of.