For my DIY Brides

It doesn't always mean it's cheap or easy!


I love when our brides say they’re a DIY Bride, I was DIY Bride too. There is nothing more special to me when I know a bride made her own signs for her wedding or crafted the centerpieces. She puts a lot of her time and creatively into making everything special.

With Pinterest everyone thinks they can make anything, but sometimes you have a Pinterest fail. So when you have a fail, you need to realize it is always OK to ask for help. We all have different talents, that’s why you have a bridal party, Mom, and family who can help you.

Here are some things you should think of before DIY

On your wedding day, you cannot DO IT ALL YOURSELF! You decided to forgo a florist and go with a ton of candles or vintage vases, or you even decide to order flowers from an online retailer & DIY the flower arrangements. You need to test these centerpieces ahead of time, make sure you like the way they look. Have a group of your friends help, do flower research, and even take a flower class. But before you do any of this, remember that YOU ARE THE BRIDE on your wedding day. You need to relax with your girls, get pampered, and get ready. Therefore, you MUST have someone (other than you or a close family member who’s not needed for pictures) in charge of the centerpieces. YOU CANNOT PUT THEM TOGETHER THE DAY OF, because you will be getting ready to get married. Very stressful. Hire a wedding planner. Or place one incredibly responsible friend in charge of the centerpieces. Even meet with a florist, you may be surprised what they can suggest to you that's within your budget!

Amount needed, cost and time to complete. For any décor project you need to have a system. When you pick out which items you’re going to make. I always suggest start out with one project and see how it goes. Before you invest too much, always save your receipts for those returns. Always bring in your friends to help, and for their opinions, they’re our support system. Any DIY project takes support.

When I was engaged I was obsessed with these colorful pompoms that you could hang on the ceiling that I saw on  Pinterest. On the photo I pinned it said three easy steps – literally it took my mom, bridesmaids and myself HOURS! When I added it up, it was actually cheaper to buy them already done at Michael’s, but I thought I would save money and time. Now last night I was in the Dollar Store - you can buy them for a DOLLAR now two years too late, I am still haunted by them. Always create a budget sheet.

Trust me you can make it happen! Just don’t get too stressed and always know that you can ask for help.