Getting Ready for your Wedding

5 Tips for a Seamless Morning-of-your-Wedding-Day


#1: Timelines are key.

Some brides cut costs by hiring one hair stylist and one makeup artist. If you do this, you need to plan accordingly time-wise. If you try to cram it all in using only one person, you can really throw off your schedule. If you do start to run behind it really helps to have a wedding coordinator. When you put your day-of timeline together, keep in mind the average hair up-do takes up to 45 minutes, the same applys for makeup. Really, you need to talk to your stylist and makeup artist first before making prep plans for the day.

#2: The bridal gown needs time to breathe, and a large space to hang

The dress shouldn’t stay in the bag all morning. It’s kind of like a bottle of wine, in that it needs time to breathe — especially if there’s a train on it — to allow for the fabric to settle and any small wrinkles to work themselves out. Hang your dress in a pretty spot (away from the mimosas and makeup,) and it’ll give your photographer a chance to snap a few photos for the album.

#3: Your getting-ready space needs lots of room and natural light

The best rooms to get ready in are large enough for all your bridesmaids, hair and makeup artists, family members, photographers, and anyone else who might decide to drop by. Don’t overlook the importance of a room with great natural light. Your photographer and makeup artist will thank you for it.

#4: Pack an emergency kit

Have an emergency kit at the ready to solve any potential problems. A bride’s day-of bag normally contains scissors, tweezers, mints, Listerine, tape, a pair of sandals, and Advil.

#5: Don’t worry about what your groom is doing (he’s doing absolutely nothing)

While a bride and her entourage were getting ready at a wedding, we hopped on the elevator three floors down to see what the guys were up to. They were just hanging out watching TV (shocker!) If the wedding happens to fall during football season, there’s a good chance that the guys will be watching football while they wait for the wedding day festivities to start. Seriously though, they have a lot less going on than the ladies do. Focus on getting ready and enjoying the morning with your girlfriends.


“You can do whatever you want. It’s your day.” It might sound cliché, but it’s true! Plan ahead and give yourself enough time for everything so you can enjoy every second. Happy planning!