Real Life: Being a Newlywed Part 1

5 fun TRUTHS on being a NEWLYWED


After the Wedding…

One of my favorite sayings that I would love to hear all new Brides say “I want a Marriage more beautiful than my Wedding” Yes, we all know it is so fun to plan every detail for your wedding, and hoping everything goes perfectly. We know you spent the past year planning the wedding of your dreams, and all the time and hard work you put into it. But have you been planning your marriage? Have you been planning the SMALLEST details on your marriage? I am a newlywed, and I can tell you first hand everyone thinks it’s all lovely dovey, unicorns, and rainbows. Honestly most days it is, but MARRIAGE takes work, a lot of hard work. My grandma always told me “It’s the best hard work you will ever do in life," and she is right there is nothing I want more than to put countless hours of love in my marriage.

Here are 5 fun TRUTHS on being a NEWLYWED, that I have discovered over the past year.

1 .The person at the altar will be the same person at the breakfast table every morning.

2. Marriage is something you create every day.

3. No matter how much he loves you, he is not a mind reader. Neither are you. Use your words.

4. The purpose of the wedding is the marriage. (Not to have the best most expensive wedding in the world.)

5. Good communication is learned by being intentional over time. (Don’t hold back, explain your feelings, thoughts, opinions, and life goals.)

6. Disagree get into a fight, it’s ok to not agree on everything. It makes us human.

7. Stay true to yourself, don’t change yourself, and don’t change your partner. There is a reason why you fell in love with them, so respect them!

The only magic in marriage is the magic we put into it every day. The little kisses, happy surprises and night time cuddles that make us smile. It’s tough but it’s worth it, every time I see my grandparents holding hands, or when my grandpa takes a little bite of dinner when it is cooking and my grandma slaps his hand. I want a REAL Marriage, the one with the rainbows, and glasses of wine.