Second Wedding Anniversary

Alyssa + Larry Celebrate Two Years of Bliss


Well as some of you may know, today is my second wedding anniversary! I am so excited, it’s just my favorite day and I love that we get to celebrate such a special day together. This year we’re down at the beach for couple days with our doggie. As I sit here with my toes in the sand, I want to share with you all today what I learned in the past two years.

Top 5 Things I have learned in the past TWO years of being married.

  1. Don’t plan your future – I am a planner of life details, so this is very hard for me. If your friends are buying houses and having babies, don’t think you need to. Your day is coming and you will get everything you want, when it is your turn.
  2. Take a Risk – I still get weird looks from some of my family on this one. Do you hate your job? Do you hate your 1 ½ commute every day? Do you feel no passion for your job? Put in your notice and follow your dreams, whatever they may be...hello wedding planning for me. Who cares what you choose to do or if your grandma can’t figure out what you do to tell her Bingo friends what you do for a living. She still loves you.  
  3. Save up for a vacation! I feel very strongly on this, I swear weekend getaways save your marriage. Now with Living Social, and Groupon (you can find cheap trips or date days) Hello our budget friendly beach trip.
  4. Fight and Make up. Tell him how you really feel, don’t agree. And then make up….Trust me
  5. Work on a saving account – I know it so hard trying to save money, but it’s important, were trying to save for a house, even though TJ Maxx’s calls my name daily, I put that money in my account for that rainy day.
  6. Write Him a note and tell him how you feel...

To my husband:

“You make my heart smile so big! I laugh with you I cry with you and I fight with you. I love during my busy day I always get a sweet text from you. When I have big dreams you believe in me and support me. You make sure I have a nice dinner, and know I love milk with my dinner. You know when to leave me alone when I am upset and let me watch Netflix under the covers. I love that you walk Maddie in the mornings because I hate walking up. I love that you love me, I love that you’re my man. My mom always told me to pick the very best one, and I picked you. You’re better than the best. That’s what you do for me. You challenge me to be a better person. You teach me to laugh at myself, and to take a deep breath & stop planning every detail of life.”

I love living life with you. I can’t wait for our future.

Happy, happy anniversary!!!