Setting the Scene

There are reception venues for every personality, budget, and style.

Your wedding day is the pinnacle of your life – showing your style, your class and your love. Determining where you want to share this special occasion with your loved ones is the first of many steps involved in creating the perfect setting. 

To start narrowing your choices, think about you and your fiancé. Are you from the same town or opposite sides of the country? Where did you meet? Are there any places that hold significant meaning to your relationship? Where will the majority of your special guests be traveling from? Is a destination wedding the right choice for you?

Once you have selected the city, the second step is determining the type of venue at which you want to share the celebration of your vows. The selection of a ceremony site will be influenced by the formality of the wedding, the season, number of guests expected, and your religious affiliation. Hosting the ceremony at the same location as your wedding reception will most often save you money on a second rental fee.

There are reception venues for every personality, budget, and style. An important factor to consider is the size. Is it an intimate affair or the party of the year? Choose a space that accommodates the number of guests but that won’t overwhelm. An intimate affair might call for a smaller space with appropriate acoustics. A large guest list will call for open spaces. But if you are going for effect, there are exceptions to every rule. Things to consider when comparing the costs of different locations, consider the rental fee, food, beverages, parking, gratuity, set up charges, and the cost of rental equipment such as tables, chairs, canopies, and so forth.

Unless your heart is set on a particular meaningful date, I highly recommend first choosing your venue before setting the date. This will leave room for options. When you approach the venues, you can still have a season in mind, or a couple preferred dates. Either select the ceremony site first or the reception site, depending on what is most important to you. Then check availability at both locations and set the date.

By following these guidelines in choosing your perfect setting, I am confident that you will be pleased with the outcome. The most important aspect is that you are surrounded by those you love as you start your new chapter in life together