Makeup Education with BobbyPins & Blush

Learning the proper techniques from an expert artist



This past Tuesday morning we had the opportunity to for a make-up lesson with the Talented Teddi Walker, Owner Educator Elite Artist of Bobby Pins & Blush.  Jessica first had the idea to set up a make-up lesson with Teddi, to learn the proper techniques on applying foundation, eye liner, and just learning products that would work best for your skin type.

When we arrived we were greeted by Teddi’s right hand woman Jess, we always love to see her sweet spunky self. Then you had a seat in their fabulous decorated waiting area, as we were patiently waiting for our appointments with only moisturizer on our faces we were both eager to put some makeup on our faces. (we do not look good not glammed up, y’all.)

Teddi led us back to the studio, Jessica and I had a seat with our make-up bags filled with our own products. One thing I loved about this whole experience is that it’s more about education on what products you already have in your bag, and using them the proper way. It’s amazing what products you have in your bag that you never used before.

Prior to the appointment you feel out a questionnaire that way Teddi knows what areas to best focus on and what your goals are to take away from the appointment. First we figured out what foundation would work best for us, we both fell in LOVE with Bobby Pins & Blush BB Cream. We learned how to mix the BB Cream with primer on our hands and to apply with a foundation brush (always clean your brushes after each use.)

Photo credit Lieb Photographic

Once we had our BB cream & primer mixed and ready to apply to our face, we learned the proper way to apply to your face and what way to brush it on your face, without aging you! Do you know that I have been applying my foundation on WRONG for 5 years PEOPLE!! 5 YEARS!!! I am making myself look older by applying WAY more makeup than I need on my face, and ruining makeup brushes by pressing too heavy to by skin. THANK YOU TEDDI for saving my LIFE!

Wow what a difference! Applying makeup now takes me less, time and I am also more confident when applying it.

We can’t thank Teddi enough, her make-up education classes are amazing the information you learn is amazing – we’re planning on when to book our next class.

Want to join us for make-up night with Teddi at MSWE Studio? Let us know, bring your make-up and clean face. Let’s all become BEAUTIFUL together!