June 9, 2023

1 dress / 5 styles: the so chic summer dress

1 / A straw capeline
The podiums set the tone: the straw hat will be the fashion accessory of this summer! In addition to protecting us from the sun, it will be a sensation on all well made heads of fashion.
Topshop, about 27 euros

2 / A plastron collar
We put wise jumpers in favor of a nice necklace plastron, they are the stars of the season. This maxi-necklace will give a real "ray of sunshine" to your outfits!
Marni, 306.80 euros

3 / Flanged shoes
A bit bling-bling and especially very rock'n'roll, these golden and black peep toes will raise the white of the dress.
André, 149 euros

4 / A feather pouch
The advantage of the pen is that it marries without false note with all styles. Cover version, it can be worn as a super chic grigri.
Asos about 32 euros

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