August 12, 2020

1 dress / 5 styles: the strapless dress for a summer day

To us the summer, the afternoons that extend on the evening, the first heat ... It is also the occasion to leave his little summer dress. Follow our shopping tips to stay stylish on any occasion!


1 / A denim vest
The right mix: the dress strapless and denim vest. One way to make a dress accessible bustier with an ultra fashion look.
Spirit, 49 euros 95

2 / A basket
We love this must-have of summer: the wicker basket. This one will indeed bring a lot of candid freshness to our dress bustier!
Victoria Couture, 80 euros

3 / Clogs
This is THE inescapable trend of summer 2010. The clogs will be the country touch on your outfit. So, no doubt, we can invest and afford a nice model!
Gerard Darel, 180 euros

4 / A liberty scarf

Wake up dress with a liberty scarf, a well inspired look!
Pimkie, 8 euros 95


> and the dress bustier: Best Moutain 29 euros on //

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