April 1, 2020

1 piece / 5 looks: a school bag for a new job

After all, so many others still arrive in white shirts and black pants (the costume of sobriety and seriousness in the collective unconscious) for their first day. So where is the harm in wanting to play it studiously? At the price where are the good places today, as much put all the chances on his side, no?

Our prescription:
We will not escape the jacket for this first day, classic of course, but fashion too. It is chosen oversize to break the first degree of the binder. Equipped with this winning duo, you can save yourself the white shirt and the black pants, without fear of being judged "service-savvy" or "fashion victim" upon arrival.

Our shopping:
Blazer jacket A.P.C., 280?
Armony Blouse Maje, 149?
Wide jeans Topshop, about 50?
Boots Zara, 79.95?
Bag in Asos suede, 46? on asos.fr
Apricot pink nail polish Estée Lauder, 18?

What HR Managers Learn About You By Looking at Your Clothes (April 2020)