May 28, 2024

1 piece / 5 looks: in waders for a big occasion, we take out the big game

We tell you, and we say it again, leggings adapt to all looks and situations. They are nonetheless uncommon pieces (that's for sure next to a pair of ballerinas ...). The goal is not always to calm the game, we can also let go and enjoy its leggings to be the most beautiful!
Our prescription:
Directly inspired by the Lanvin Fall-Winter 2010 fashion show, which has delighted us with its sexy and sexy amazons, this look assures you the pole position of the girls of the evening. So we opt for a simple dress, gray, but perfectly cut and draped, and we loose on the accessories. On the program: all of its season, including the front, collar and fur bag, long gloves in leather and retro glasses. The sober shades guarantee absolute chic. A perfect silhouette, which will fit perfectly with your leggings. Question look, you are the queen of the evening!
Our shopping:
Dress Topshop, 45? sure
leggings in Minelli calfskin, 229?
Sunglasses and and bibs Asos, 14? and 24? on
Fur collar Topshop, 30? sure
Filled bucket bag Zara, 99.95?
Leather gloves H & M

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