June 6, 2020

1 piece / 5 looks: in waders for a business meeting, fashion AND convincing

Fashion editors do not have the monopoly of good taste and elegance. In a business appointment you shine with your ideas ... but also for your personality. The dress is no longer the monk, certainly, but a good presentation is de rigueur! It's time to get out of fashion, to make the difference!
Our prescription:
It's up to you to negotiate and impress. Fashion is also there to help you, provided you make good use of it. The duo jacket + pants remains a classic. However, to stand out, we play on trends and customize its look. The jacket is ethnic with this tribal print, while the black pants is gaining volume ... and elegance. For the colors, we stay on dark shades, in purple and black, it is our project that we sell, not our body!
Our shopping:
Silk blouse Topshop, 40? sure topshop.com
Printed jacket H & M
Jodhpur pants Topshop, 40? sure topshop
leggings in Minelli calfskin, 229?
Handbag Yves Saint Laurent, 450? on myprestigium.com
Black Tulip Varnish Yves Saint Laurent, 18?
House of Harlow Earrings, 61? on asos.com




SKYRIM - Special Edition #2 : Heads or Tails? (June 2020)