April 10, 2021

1 piece / 5 looks: in waders for a date, baby-doll trend fatal

Two strong pieces for this look: the little dress Claudine collar, almost virginale, and the leggings. While the first breaks the side too aggressive, the second breaks the side too small girl. It's the perfect match!
It's an appointment and therefore the perfect opportunity to release your leggings. But to be good in your pumps - or rather your leggings, throughout this date, you have to assuage a little this look, just to avoid it makes you an indecent proposal by way of "hello". To do this, bet on your classics.
Our prescription:
The cape will be perfect on your dress, without breaking the line of your silhouette. We accessorize everything with a varnish that goes with her bag - a real lady's bag, and we cover ourselves with a fur hat. You are glam just-what-you-need. For fashion details, we dare wool stockings under the leggings. For the fashion detail we tell you, not the detail Lolita, huh!
Our shopping:
Varnish Please! Givenchy, 16?
Fur hat Asos, 24? sure asos.com
Cape H & M
Patent leather bag Zara, 49.95? sure zara.com
Annie Greenabelle dress for Topshop, 50? sure topshop.com
Calvin Klein wool stockings, 20?
leggings in Minelli calfskin, 229?


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