August 14, 2022

1 piece / 5 looks: In white trousers for a country picnic

The sunny days are here, the parks are blooming again, and we are more likely to be tempted by a "lunch on the grass" than by a very rich food in the shade of a brewery. Summer and heat oblige.
The trousers white and put, but provided you do not forget a plaid, at the risk of turning white to green (my friend's advice).

Dr Mode's prescription:
In fashion, we are the prettiest of the flowers in the park, we play the flower print by touch, as on this tank, and contrast everything with a frank color and summer like red. A pair of leather sandals, a cardigan, a few drops of perfumes and you are the most beautiful rose in the garden.

Our shopping :
Cardigan A.P.C, 180?
Topshop printed tank top, about 15? on
Minelli tote bag, 139?
Trousers Petit Bateau, 75?
sandals Asos, 35? sure
Daisy perfume Marc Jacobs, 50? the 50ml.

57 SUMMER VACATION Outfit Ideas! | Summer Outfits Fashion Lookbook 2018 | Miss Louie (August 2022)