November 28, 2022

1 piece / 5 looks: my blush for a New Year's Eve

If there is an evening where you can afford everything, it is indeed the Eve New Year's Day (and Halloween too but in another style). So if you suddenly want to dress in sequins, stiletto pumps and fur jacket, we also have the right to let go on the make-up.

Tonight, it's all about shining brightly. No matter what the evening is, glitter nail polish is more than just ok, just like shiny or iridescent lip gloss or lipstick. If you want to go out the big game, we can dare the false eyelashes and even draw a long line of sexy eyeliner over our eyelids, as to the complexion, it must always remain clear and fresh.

The question of blush
We can not say it enough, tonight our makeup must breathe good mood, party and color. So we choose a blush good fresh, very colorful, downright sweet pink. In powder, cream or liquid, do not hesitate to apply a good layer of temples to the mouth. And if we are about to spend a crazy evening until the early morning, we even take the blush in our bag for small retouches. In this case, a blush cream seems the most practical.

Our shopping
Cream of blush Yves Saint Laurent : 27?
Eyeliner Yves Saint Laurent Shocking false eyelash effect: 33?
False eyelashes Wong Kar Wai for Shu Uemura: 50?
Lancôme Idol foundation: 41?
Pink Macaron Sephora Gloss: 8.50?
Last Friday nail polish OPI: 13?
Treasure Midnight Rose Lancôme: from 41?

NEW YEAR'S EVE LOOKBOOK | Blush Pink Theme (November 2022)