April 17, 2024

1 piece / 5 looks: my little black dress for an eve with friends

Because the New Year is also the opportunity to find his best friends, we say bye bye to the big parties rhinestones and glitter and we play it quiet at a beautiful dinner, between foie gras and champagne rosé . To avoid being over looks, we love a mini dress and pretty colorful accessories.

Our ideal look
This year, the XXL peas made a remarkable appearance on Marc Jacobs and Stella Mccartney fashion shows, two good reasons to invest in a dress with large polka dots and to inaugurate it for our New Year's Eve party. Our little black dress must play with the sexy but in the subtlety, it will be chosen so short but without cleavage. And because the transition to the new year is a party, we take out our pop accessories to brighten up our look. Lemon yellow blazer or juicy orange, blue pumps, bling bling jewelry, the result can sound 80's but why deprive yourself? After all, tonight everything is allowed!

Our shopping
small black dress Mango : 34,95?
Stella McCartney Blazer: 965? on Net at Porter.com
Cosmoparis pumps: 149?
Zara small bag: 27,95?
Topshop art deco earrings: 11,68?

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