December 1, 2021

1 piece / 5 looks: my schoolbag, my students, and me

Well, I would not want to generalize, but a lot, really MANY teachers are dragging year after year an old bag leather all rotten and patched they call "towel". If you are under 50, and want to stay in touch, forget this towel.

Our prescription:
To be fashionable while remaining credible, use timeless and untouchable icons. In the intellectual genre, I would like ... Simone de Beauvoir, version Saint-Germain-des-Prés. You see, right now, it's easier, and so inspiring: a beautiful trench coat, a shirt dress, moccasins and a scarf. And now it's our turn to make students dream. Whatever they are in the moon, as much as it is for us ...

Our shopping:
Trench and dress Topshop, about 90? and 45? sure
Mesh cardigan with leather patch pockets Maje, 199?
Tassel loafers in calfskin A.P.C., 265?
Bag in suir Asos, 79?
Printed silk scarf Comptoir des Cotonniers, 75?

what's in my backpack *junior year* + school supplies haul 2019 (December 2021)