April 20, 2024

1 piece / 5 looks: the culottes for a date

Tonight, the most beautiful will be elegance even in its chic outfit with preppy accents. For a date in good company, we can bet on our excellent humor, our doe eyelashes, our beautiful hands, our intelligence, our culture and miracle, even on our look! To avoid revealing too much immediately, we put on a graceful outfit. Shirt lightly culottes, ballerinas, princess coat, here we are ready to (re) conquer the man who makes us soft eyes on the other side of the table.


Why do we dare?
Because leaving to play the sexy woman child to make it crack, as much bet on the good look that does not give us the air to leave straight of the novel of Nabokov. So yes, we can wear small baby doll socks but we forget the duvets or the headband. We put on a shirt ruffle or lavaliere for the chic side and on a culottes for the dose of preppy, also remembered by the ballerinas spirit salome. A beautiful coat and a rather lady bag, will complete this beautiful look.


Our shopping
Culotte skirt Topshop : 50,53?
Shirt Dorothy Perkins: 33,45?
Miss Selfridge Coat: 97,30?
Salomé ballerinas patented Asos: 32,61?
Tights Topshop : 6?
Pimkie rust socks: 3,99?
Promod tanned leather gloves: 15,95?
Hugo bag on Sarenza.com:449,80?


4 Ways To Wear: Culottes | How To Style | Outfit Ideas | Lookbook (April 2024)