October 4, 2023

1 piece / 5 looks: the culottes for a day in the office

Metro-work-style! This morning, we go to work in a nice outfit with a casual mind but who never forgets the good dose of elegance for a successful look. We fall for the pretty culottes and wear it without restraint with a white shirt, preppy tights and working girl pumps.


Why do we dare?
Because having style in the office is quite possible! Exit the pantsuit and the fitted shirt, we play it hype in culottes and boyfriend shirt tied on the front. We complete our look with a pair of opaque or fancy tights depending on the mood and simple pumps. We avoid the coat in fake fur, too sexy and the duffle coat, too casual and we opt rather for a beautiful coat man or blazer depending on the temperature level.


Our shopping
Culottes Topshop: 50,53?
Miss Selfridge shirt: 36,56?
Suede pumps Zara69,95?
Coat Topshop boyfriend:85,83?
Topshop polka dot tights: 9,72?
MySuelly bag: price not communicated

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