November 28, 2022

1 piece / 5 looks: the golden trend

Balmain brought it up to date last year and is now beautiful on several catwalks and in our dressing room. The golden hue, luxurious, radiant and chic, is glamorous to death in the evening or much more sober during the day.


Alone, the golden accessory, twister a wise look, brighten our wardrobe. It is worn with subtlety, on jeans as Vivienne Westwood, the precious metal also takes possession of our accessories. In Louis Vuitton, gold seizes bags and pouches while at Nina Ricci and Oscar de la Renta, he settles on boyish and bright costumes. We like the 24-carat color but in small doses, like at Dries Van Noten when a loose top is sparkling, or at Marc by Marc Jacobs in the patinated leather skirt version.


So, we go on the treasure hunt and we get a flamboyant and rich cloakroom, stuffed with feminine pieces with metallic reflections. Bag, jeans, jacket, pumps and dress, offers you 5 great looks and 5 sophisticated pieces to wear for an asserted gold rush!

NEW IN HIGH STREET AND DESIGNER FASHION | August (2019) Fashion and Style Edit (November 2022)