October 22, 2021

1 piece / 5 looks: the little black dress for a job interview

Interview question, the methods have evolved. The times have changed. You have to get up to date. Prove that one has style (sign of a strong personality) and therefore that one is unique (it is done for me this job!) While displaying a subtle sobriety. The secret: master his classics!
Our prescription:
Interview = formal event = serious and chic = small black dress. The reasoning begins to enter your heads? All in good time.

Your dress on the back, put on a trench, which will always make an impression. At the foot a pair of ivory ballerinas coordinated to your bag and your pretty leather gloves. For the touch, the extra thing you use to signal your originality, bet on a headband. But for pity, no knot-knot or velvet, too much BCBG at the risk of being labeled "stuck". No, surf on time and bet on a feather detail, but in shades with your look, like this pretty brown.

Our shopping:
Dolce & Gabbana dress, 287? on myprestigium.com
Trench and scarf H & M, prices not communicated
Headband feathers 2adorn, 40? on topshop.com
Gatsby Exotic Longchamp bag, 490?
Vend├┤me leather gloves Causse, 260?
Ballerinas Repetto, 169?

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