November 28, 2022

1 piece / 5 looks: the trench for casual shopper

Relaxing does not mean no look, but going out to shop does not require being over-dressed either. Everything rests, once again, on the mastery of good basics: those that make you look pretty good.

Our prescription:

No heads taken for the look of a shopping session. The good look: a good raw jean, a gray sweatshirt (relax, but actually more-trend-you-die!), Black derbies, a good shopping bag, glasses (that, let's face it, it's for the side a little starlet) and a trench. The air of nothing, we manage, we are a little Charlotte Gainsbourg, but who would believe that we made efforts to get there? Nobody except you and me.


Our shopping:
Trench A.P.C., 345 ?, paid 241? on
Gray heather sweater Topshop, about 30? sure
Jeans Zara, 49.95?
Shopping bag Asos, 45? sure
André Derbies, 89?
Vintage American cotton scarf, 18?
Leather mittens and pearl details Asos, 25? sure
Sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent, 178?

OFFICEWEAR OUTFITS I WEAR TO WORK – PART 2 | Aritzia, Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, Madewell (November 2022)