April 10, 2021

1 piece / 5 looks: the trench to travel cool and chic

The good look for traveling is a matter of fashion much more delicate than it seems. We are stuck between two possibilities: be relaxed, but a little too much, and there is the no look assured. Or do too much (I want to be beautiful on arrival), and there, we are so stuffy that the trip becomes just unbearable.

Our prescription:
Diane Kruger was right, so we take some seed. Fluid pants and a loose-fitting sweater / t-shirt, for the "comfortable" side, but all in black - so much more chic. A pair of ballerinas, the good deal, chic and comfort, and especially the trench, which enhances the chic of the look. You are ready to travel cool AND chic.



Our shopping:
Trench A.P.C., 345 ?, paid 241? on myprestigium.com
Ellos T-shirt for Redoute, 8.95? on laredoute.fr
Fluid pants American Apparel, 80? (autumn-winter collection)
BB Repetto Ballerinas, 159?
Asos bag, 65? on asos.com
Clubmaster Ray-Ban sunglasses, 139?

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