March 1, 2021

10 anti-stress tips for a perfectly Zen back to school

1 ° I make myself a Zen office
Your workplace is where you spend most of your time. It goes without saying that its state has an influence on you: the office must represent a healthy, stable, serene environment. When storing, make plenty of room for him to breathe: you should not feel oppressed. Then, add effective anti-stress: a soothing candle, even extinct, a small plant and why not a relaxing atmosphere scent to spray as needed?

2 ° I adopt the essential oils

The essential oilsthese active substances derived from plants, pass into the body either by applying them on the skin mixed with a cosmetic formula, or by breathing them. Many of them favor the relaxation like lavender, the best known, but also the essential oils green mandarin, petitgrain beans or marjoram. You can find formulas all ready in pharmacy and natural store and even combine them yourself. Ask a specialist.

3 ° I make lists
A major stress factor is the fear of forgetting something ... or having forgotten it! To avoid exceeding deadlines (taxes, documents, school ...), and the anxiety crisis that goes with it, make lists. Sort them in chronological order by noting things to do each day on a calendar for example, or by theme: "school", "shopping", "bank", "holidays" ... Do not hesitate to start them very early and complete them every time an idea goes through your head!

4 ° I anticipate my work
Another trigger of contrarieties, the organization. If you tend to be always overwhelmed, if everything is "urgent" and you never blow, it is possible that you are given too much to do ... but it is also possible that it comes from your organization .
If you are on multiple folders at once, treat them one by one. Sometimes cut your mail box so as not to be bothered by message alerts and avoid surfing the internet as soon as you have a minute. By doing one thing at a time, you will improve your focus and efficiency.

5 ° I take time for myself
To reduce stress, the ideal is to refocus: to empty, not to think about his worries, to evacuate his fears and to relax. For this, the ideal is to reserve moments facing oneself. This can be a regular walk, like an appointment to take stock of the week, or the day, or simply taking a break away from colleagues or having lunch alone.
Better still: to be able to afford moments of pure relaxation like a hammam for example or a session of swimming. Nothing better to reduce the pressure!

6 ° I test the Bach flowers
These essences based on essence of flowers were developed by Edouard Bach, a botanist. He developed preparations based on 38 plants selected for their soothing virtues to act on our emotional ills. Some are designed to curb fears, others doubt or despair, but one of the best-known formulas is the formula Emergencies or Rescue (name according to brands): a few drops to dilute in a glass of water bring you immediate comfort. //

7 ° I meditate
Today, many scholars agree that meditation is a less restrictive practice than one imagines. Indeed, behind this word is not necessarily hiding hours spent in a complete silence to empty. A "modern" version of this practice is to simply isolate yourself for a few minutes, regularly, to close your eyes and focus on yourself, as if to standby, to recharge your batteries and relieve stress.
Everyone can practice anywhere as long as it is rather quiet, the main thing is to relax by helping for example positive images to view internally.

8 ° I relativize
We all tend when we are under pressure to dramatize. Although the return to work can be a source of concern and some mistakes are sometimes very serious, in general they are never as bad as you think. When an event plunges you into a state of intense stress, try to go to the end of the report cause-consequences: look what can really happen, at worst, and if the consequences are so serious that it ...You will realize that few things are really worth the trouble of getting deeply anxious. Often less serious than it seems, they also always have a solution to minimize the damage: that's what you need to focus on.

9 ° I stretch, I yawning and I breathe
When the psychological stress becomes anguish, it is translated by a physical somatization: ball in the stomach, headache, sometimes even tremors or twitches ... some physical reactions have the effect of naturally lowering the adrenaline caused by the rise of stress . For example, stretching, arms in the air by pulling on hands, yawning to catch his breath and breathing slowly counting to 5 at the inhalation and then exhaling, then 6, then 7 to relax the diaphragm...

10 ° I adopt a cat
And yes ! The purring of the cat emits waves that have a strong anti-stress soothing. This cat purr has many virtues that act directly on our well-being on several levels, from sleep to depression. If you do not like cats, get the book Ronron Therapy: it comes with a purring CD ...



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