September 20, 2020

10 essential to know about your baby's blanket

The blanket is baby who chooses
Often offered at birth by parents, the grandparents or godmother, the blanket in the ideal shape, it is not bulky and passes easily to the machine. However, this is not how it works, the blanket is baby who chooses it. He usually enters his life around the age of 7-8 months. It is also he who will decide the day he wants to separate. Baby will set his sights on a piece of fabric, a stuffed toy, a doll, an object (more rare) ... but it can also be a gesture that reassures him as sucking his thumb, touching his ear or a lock of hair. Anyway it is baby who decides but you can nevertheless try to guide him. Know that 50% of children do not have fetish cuddly simply because they do not need it. The others will keep it between three and six years.

A transitional object
For baby, the blanket represents the link between the family cocoon and the outside world. It is called the transitional object. When your little one starts to realize that he is a person in his own right, and therefore his mum may come to disappear, the cuddly toy is the ideal companion to help him face the aggressiveness of the external world, the unknown or the absence of his family: at the nursery, at the nanny, at grandparents ...

The blanket helps baby to overcome the anxiety of bedtime
You will notice that around the age of 9 months, baby manages to sleep better alongside his blanket. The latter reassures him, helps him to relax and overcome the anguish of the night and especially the separation with his dad and his mum. He intervenes as a best friend who accompanies him when mum close the door of the room and the console of the possible sorrows. However, we must know that if the blanket is not enough present in the daily life of thechild, the latter may experience difficulty falling asleep, more than child who does not have a blanket and who manages to overcome his anxieties alone.

Do not take cuddly without permission!
You should know that the blanket is not a whim or a whim, but that it responds to a real need at home.child. You must not interfere in this relationship which is extremely reassuring for your child and plays an important role in its development. If you have to wash it, do it by mutual agreement with your childhis smell is special and represents a lot for him. If it tears and you want to sew it do not do it without asking your child what he thinks of it.

Do not use cuddly for punitive purposes
Do not take doudou as a hostage to punish your child if he makes a mistake where do not threaten to confiscate if he makes a whim. He is his only ally to calm his grief and his fears. To suppress it would be a real tragedy for him and could even reinforce his malaise.

Help doudou is gone!
In this story, the obsession of all parents it is the loss of the blanket. And yes, by dint of taking it from everywhere it happens that it is lost: and here is the drama! To avoid catastrophe, you just have to plan. First, buy 2 or 3 copies of the fetish toy (if the choice of baby Obviously, this will allow you to be serene as to the possible losses of it. Then, mark on the label of the blanket your name and your phone number, we never know the nice people it exists! of the parents Solidarity and ingenuity have also put in place solutions: a daddy creates IDDOO, finds him blanket. Thanks to a small elastomer shell clip on the blanket, you can easily identify it with a melody triggered when you press the transmitter that you have for example placed on your keychain. If blanket is lost outside the house, know that each shell has an identifier that allows the person who finds it to get in touch with you via the website. Also, the site inspector doudou allows you to find (normally) a blanket identical to that of your child.

The blanket wash
The transition to the washing machine is inevitable. Doudou is a fighter and baby spends his time putting it in his mouth. However, it is important to take some precautions because baby blanket must remain soft and silky! You can mix it with the other clothes of your child provided you do not exceed 30 degrees: a coarse blanket is no longer a blanket! To preserve it as much as possible place it in a pillowcase and use a detergent for sensitive skin. Baby do not like to see his favorite fetish machine, washing it once a month is enough, especially since its smell is reassuring for your child.

Doudou has no place everywhere!
There are places or situations where cuddly toy has no place, and you must very quickly make it clear to your child. Do not tolerate his presence at the table or during the toilet, for example. More your child will grow up and the more it will be detached from its blanket. At this time, instaurez moments where cuddly toy remains at the corner of the bed like for example the moments of games or the walks in family.

Comes the day of separation ...
Just like the day he came into his life, it's your child who chooses the moment when he can evolve without his favorite toy. In general this age is around 3 years, but it can be much later some children need their blanket until they are 6 years old. Do not force the moment of separation, if baby does not want to part with it is that he has not yet found other ways to reassure himself. Doudou will remain forever a being apart, for your child as for you, remember to keep it in memories!

CE (European Conformity)
Even if it's baby who chooses, please make sure that his blanket has the CE mark.

Militant against the loss of comforters, IDDOO, found-doudou:
To find an identical cuddly toy:

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