October 22, 2021

10 fake beauty not to be avoided at all costs

  • 1. The nail polish chipped: this is the neglected effect especially if your varnish is dark. Better a neat hand without varnish, than a poorly varnished hand.
The solution: double your layer of nail polish to intensify the color and finish with a coat of top coat to hold and shine all. Try to always keep nearby, in your purse for example, your pot of nail polish to be able to repair the smallest "chipping". And if you do not have the courage to redo your polish every 3 days, go for a nude or pale pink nail polish.
  • 2. The lip pencil too dark: this beauty habit very fashionable in the 80s tends to harden facial features. The lip pencil can even seem vulgar if it is poorly applied. It does not necessarily mean to banish our beauty ritual.
The solution: use a lip pencil that blends with the natural complexion of your lips! It is best to avoid choosing the color of the lip liner depending on the color of the lipstick you plan to apply. In general, a single shade of lip liner will officiate in your makeup kit. It is only used to discreetly delimit the contour of the lips, so that it is easier to apply the lipstick with a brush. For an even more natural effect, apply your lip pencil over the entire mouth (previously hydrated), then finish with a touch of nude gloss.
  • 3. The eyebrows too shaved: the tendency of fine eyebrows was very appreciated by actresses in the 30s, Marlene Dietrich is the perfect example. The eyebrows have the function, beauty issue, to structure the face and frame the look. The trend today is well-bred eyebrows, a real departure from the trend of the eyebrow end, which is to ban in 2012.
The solution: try to keep the natural shape of your eyebrows by depilating only what goes beyond their original structure. The eyebrows will give character to your face, their role should not be taken lightly. For those who experience real difficulties in disciplining their eyebrows, entrust their hair removal to a professional explaining that you want a natural result.
  • 4. Orange foundation: the orange foundation effect is often due to the application of a shade too dark compared to your natural skin tone. It tends to dull the facial features and is very unsightly.
The solution: choose a color that matches your natural skin color. Be careful never to take a darker shade. And if you want to give a boost to your complexion, opt instead for a touch of sunlight rather than a foundation too dark.
  • 5. Smocky association and red lips: too much makeup kills makeup! In general one chooses, either to bet everything on the eyes, or on the lips. Avoid overloading both at the same time, at the risk of looking like a Christmas tree. So the smocky eyes associated with carmine red lips are to banish from your beauty rituals.
The solution: if you opt for a smoky look, favor nude lips discreetly enhanced by a touch of gloss. And if you opt for very marked lips, prefer a natural look simply emphasized by a layer of mascara and a slightly iridescent eyeshadow.
  • 6. The blonde locks too contrasted: to be successful, a coloring must be natural. The purpose of a coloring ? Hide white hair or give a boost to your color (a little dull) by bringing some reflections. You can also choose to radically change your look by opting for a coloring very different from your natural skin tone. Attention in this case to disasters! Better think twice before switching to platinum blonde! The solution ? The sweep! It allows you to change your head without damaging our hair.
The solution: opt for a scan rather than for highlights and pay attention to the chosen shade. The ideal is to avoid choosing a shade too far from your natural color. For this perilous operation it is better to trust a hairdresser who is used to practicing this kind of technique, rather than risk it at home.
  • 7. The dasheyeliner too thick: theeyeliner is the miracle solution for a sumptuous doe look. It brings out the color of your eyes without weighing down the eyes. However, be careful not to apply a dasheyeliner too thick, at the risk of spoiling the desired result.
The solution: a simple technique is to start by applying one's line ofeyeliner from outside the eye. Finish with a thin line on the inside. Try to do all the maneuvers in a single operation to avoid having to iron another layer that may thicken the baseline.
  • 8. The mascara in package: long eyelashes, we all dream! But the most natural results are often the most successful. Avoid multiplying the layers, you risk getting large packets very unsightly that will not emphasize the look. The effect spider legs, we forget.

The solution: the eyelash brush! After applying your mascaraIf the result seems too thick, do not hesitate to use an eyelash brush stroke. It will tend to remove the surplus and discipline your eyelashes.


  • 9. Too thin hair: Alert to the rat's tail! To excessively taper the hair, you risk losing their volume and density.
The solution: ask your hairdresser to be careful to keep the volume of your hair, for this the gradient should not start too high. This technique of haircut serves only to structure the hairstyle.
  • 10. The bangs too short: in the first place, it is forbidden to cut one's own bangs! Your hairdresser has already had to tell you and if you have ever had the misfortune to test your talents, the result is often disappointing. The risk ? Do not realize the length you cut and find yourself with a bang too short way Joan of Arc.
The solution: if the damage is already done, you can fall back on many accessories to make up for the damage: headband, small barrettes, headband ... so as to bring the fringe back time it pushes. And to avoid getting there and find yourself with unsightly fringe, better make the effort to move to a hairdresser. In most salons, the cut of the bangs is free, so enjoy it!

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