April 17, 2024

10 fruits and vegetables detox from the market

Healthy hair, a radiant complexion, firm nails and a healthy body all go through good nutrition. Foods known as "detox" are known for their ability to purify the body. These benefactor foods drain and regulate the excesses, they reinforce our immune defenses so as to make us stronger against external aggressions. So back from the market on Sunday morning, your shopping cart will have to consist of the following foods to help you prepare for the spring-summer season:
  • - Apple : it lowers bad cholesterol with a fiber called pectin. The latter improves the intestinal transit, which helps us eliminate the toxins that pollute our body.
  • - Garlic: this food is reputed to be an excellent antibacterial, garlic naturally helps us strengthen our immune defenses. Garlic also helps to fight against circulatory disorders. Do not hesitate to add some in all your dishes.
  • - The cabbage : rich in potassium and therefore in antioxidants, the cabbage helps to eliminate bad toxins in the liver.
  • - The khaki: its enzymes facilitate digestion, it is rich in antioxidants, making it a real detox food. It is mainly eaten in winter.
  • - Spinach: it is bursting with vitamins and minerals essential to our body. Raw spinach can be eaten in salads or cooked as an accompaniment to our protein-based dishes. Spinach is also low in calories.
  • - The leek : it has the ability to clean the intestines, so it facilitates digestion and provides essential minerals.
  • - The prune: it is rich in fiber essential for good digestion, the prune is also packed with vitamins.
  • - Asparagus: its diuretic compounds facilitate the renal work, it acts at the level of liver.
  • - Celery : with only 18Kcal / 100g, celery is an ingredient all found for slimming cooking. Finely grated or cooked, it is easier to digest and is an excellent source of fiber.

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