July 5, 2020

10 good reasons not to be afraid of childbirth

Every woman who wishes to give life or who is about to do so, asks herself a multitude of questions about the famous day J: Will I have pain? Do I take a risk with the epidural? And if there are complications? Ladies, DE-DRA-MA-TI-SEZ! Here are 10 good reasons not to be afraid!


Reason # 1: Is not a birth day the happiest day of a life?

That day will surely be the best day of your life. During 9months, you have worn, loved and imagined this little being! On D-Day, fear and anxiety will give way to joy and emotion. have a baby, become a mother. There are no words to describe the happiness you will feel that day.


Reason # 2: Good news: We are no longer in the Middle Ages!

Neither at the time were any great grandmothers who risked their lives to give birth to their children. Today, even if the risk does not exist, deaths in childbirth are extremely rare. The ultra-medical environment and ultra-secure roomsdelivery allows to act immediately and effectively in case of complications. Be aware that a good obstetric follow-up throughout pregnancy avoids any risk of complications duringdelivery.


Reason # 3: You are unbeatable, you could almost consider a professional reconversion!

During 9 months, you asked all the questions, even the most ridiculous ones, to the medical team that follows you. You know at your fingertips the progress of the operation and you are unbeatable on the epidural and the episiotomy.


Reason # 4: You followed the preparation for childbirth course like a diligent student!

You have missed none of your prep sessionsdelivery. You know on the fingertips the breathing exercises and relaxation. That's for sure, you'll know how to react to manage your emotions.


Reason 5: Your midwife has become your best friend

You know the medical team that will be in charge of your deliveryand she knows you. You told them about your anxieties and your fears so be calm. Your midwife will be there to reassure you and help you calm your pain. Do not forget that she is used to seeing future moms in all their states, you are neither the first nor the last.


Reason # 6: Your spouse will be there to reassure you, fogger in hand!

One is always more serene when one knows that the dad will attend thedelivery. He will be there to support you and enjoy, you can afford everything he will not blame you: bad mood, howls, reproaches, scratches? He will be there to help you and meet your every wish.


Reason # 7: You have decided not to listen to the experiences of others!

What is more disturbing than listening to the unhappy and painful experiences of benevolent people? Friend, cousin, neighbor or simple acquaintance, disregard urban legends. Every experience is different.


Reason # 8: Caesarean section? Not even afraid !

You are informed about the possible course of a cesarean section. So you know that this surgical procedure is now completely under control and that the risks of complications are extremely low. Many women remain awake during the procedure and see their baby through the epidural. Certainly, the scar may be painful and you may be embarrassed during the next 48 hours but your midwife will be present for calmervos pains.


Reason # 9: The epidural? Paspeur either!

Admittedly, a needle is never a pleasure. But know that the installation of a child goes almost unnoticed! Indeed, before putting the catheter that will release the analgesic product, the anesthetist will insensitize the area with a tiny needle. In a decade you will say goodbye to the pain of contractions! Magical!


Reason # 10: Fear is a legitimate idea

Be it your first pregnancy or not, apprehend thedelivery is absolutely normal. Each experience is different and the unknown does not reassure. Do not lock yourself in your anxiety bubble. Talk to your medical staff about your fears. It will do you good to evacuate and you will see that you do not have anything to worry about!

WHY YOU do NOT have to be AFRAID of LABOUR and BIRTH (July 2020)