April 17, 2024

10 questions around milk

What are the benefits of milk? What does it bring to the organization?
First of all, it must be remembered that milk dairy products are indispensable to the body, this remains the first source of calcium. The milk is a complete liquid food. It contains, in addition to calcium, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Not to mention vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Can we be allergic to milk?
It happens, but it is rare, that babies are allergic to milk From a cow. In most cases it disappears around 2-3 years. As for adults, it's exceptional.
The latter may be allergic to lactose, the sugar contained in the milkbecause lactase, the enzyme needed for digestion, is deficient. This results in digestive disorders when you drink milk.

Why digest it less well as you get older? Can an intolerance settle?
There is no scientifically proven reason that would digest the milk in getting older. On the other hand, if lactase (see above) has not worked for a long time, for lack of drinking milk, it can happen. Note that yoghurt does not contain lactose, it is destroyed during manufacture. So you can totally eat it.

Can milk bring cholesterol?
The milk has very little cholesterol, especially if it is semi-skimmed.

How many dairy products is it advisable to eat daily and which ones?
It is advisable to consume three dairy products a day: at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our organization needs a gram of calcium per day. A little more during adolescence, during pregnancy and at menopause. Fruits, vegetables and some minerals also contain some calcium.


Is it essential for bones to drink milk and protect against osteoporosis?
It is before the age of 20 that one builds one's stock of calcium. Drink from milk or eat dairy products is therefore strongly recommended before this age. After that, of course. Bones also need vitamin D and physical activity to fix the calcium.

When we do not like milk, what can we replace it to have our daily dose of calcium?
If you do not like to drink milkyou can eat a dairy product in the form of yoghurt or cheese. The waters Vittel, Contrex and Hépar in particular are very rich in calcium. Be careful, the tap water does not contain any.

Is there a maximum amount to consume every day?
No, you can eat as many dairy products as you like.

Can we drink milk when dieting?
You can totally drink milkbut know that all milks do not have the same composition.
The milk whole comprises 30 to 35 gr of lipids per liter. Half skimmed, 15 gr and skim less than 0.3 gr. The rate of protein (30 gr) and carbohydrate (45 gr) is the same for these three milks. Small precision is the milk integer that is closest to the milk maternal.
A small bowl of milk whole contains 65 calories and half skim, 45 calories. So if you follow a diet prefer milk half skim.

Can milk be responsible for joint problems, pain from a certain age?
There are indeed rumors that the milk could be a source of various pains, but again it is false, no study demonstrates it. Once and for all, the milk is good for your health!

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