June 9, 2023

10 questions to ask yourself when choosing your motherhood

When to register?
Some maternities are complete several months in advance, so do not hesitate to start the process from the first month of pregnancy so as not to miss THE maternity you dreamed of.

Public or private?
You absolutely want to give birth in clinic X. Check that it is in sector 1, to be refunded to 100, and that your mutual supports the overruns. The public benefit: little or no steps and everything is taken care of!

Proximity or quality?
Proximity does not always rhyme with quality, find out about the various treatments offered by your service. Similarly, if you choose to give birth away from home, do not neglect the question of travel time!

What birth preparation classes?
Yoga, sophrology, haptonomy ... the preparation for childbirth courses are not lacking, and are necessary to reassure and prepare the future mother at D-day. If the maternity of your choice does not offer, you can certainly to follow with your midwife, do not hesitate to ask him if they are collective or individual lessons, if dad is welcome ...

How is the maternity service organized?
Find out as much as possible: knowing the number of births performed each year makes it possible, for example, to get an idea of ​​the maternity experience and the potential availability of the nursing staff on D-Day.

Can I choose my delivery?
If you want to build a project of birthit's best to make sure you can do it or at least find a listening ear to talk to your midwife. For example, there are few maternity units that provide aquatic deliveries, but many facilities are equipped with working baths to relax the mother before leaving school. baby. Make sure it fits your project before you start!

What level for my pregnancy?
The maternity hospitals are classified by level: 1, 2 or 3. If your pregnancy presents no complication, a maternity level 1 will suffice. In case of pregnancy at risk a level 2 will be needed, it means that the maternity has a neonatology department. Finally, level 3 is for pregnancies pathological.

Can my doctor follow me?
Ask your gynecologist questions, find out what maternity he is attached to and if he can follow you in the service you have chosen. In principle, during your pregnancyyour gynecologist, your doctor and the midwife can follow up.

Can the dad attend the delivery?
Some maternity homes do not accept dad's presence during delivery. If that's your wish, do not risk a bad surprise on D-Day and ask the question!

What comfort for my delivery?
Comfort is a criterion not to be neglected. Do you prefer to have a single or shared room? Do children have the right to visit? Is there a bathroom in my room? These are some of the questions to ask you. Do not hesitate to inquire about the average length of stay in the maternity ward, this can help you make your choice.

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