February 28, 2021

10 reasons to have a third child!

1- Less stress
No more anguish of the evening crying. You have become pro colic and piercing teeth. They do not scare you anymore! By adopting a more relaxed behavior, thechild feels it and also becomes more relaxed.
2- More time with baby
With the birth of the second, you were always a little guilty of spending less time with the elder. This time, the first two play together, allowing you to be more comfortable breastfeeding or feeding your baby. baby.
3- Less expense
If you still missed some accessories or clothes for the youngest, this time you are well equipped for the youngest. Bed, stroller, maxi cozy are already at home, there are only the layers and teats to buy. You buy new just for pleasure, more out of necessity.
4- More holidays
Women waiting for a third child receive 26 weeks of maternity leave compared to 16 weeks for those who have only one or two children. Do not have to leave his baby almost born at the nursery to return to work, what happiness!
5- The elder is no longer a baby
At the arrival of the third childthe eldest is on average four years and three months old. It is no longer a baby and generally, he feels a great pride in "caring" for the last one. A welcome help to bring you a diaper, a toy or a pacifier!

6- A true "family"
Of course, you are already a family of 3 or 4, but for many couples interviewed, have 3 children it's having a "family". Two children matching more? "a couple with two children. There is no longer any notion of one with the father, the other with the mother. The third invigorates this scheme for better distributed exchanges.
7- Often the last baby !
If 30% of families choose to have 3 childrenthe percentage is much lower for the fourth. This is often the last, and you will take more time to enjoy each step and enjoy the new phases.
8- A better run organization
The daily with three children asks a lot, a lot of organization. You will not have the choice to be ground almost to the minute to succeed to do everything. Hard the first weeks, but as always, we get used to everything and we become by the force of things a real pro timing!
9- Three is not 2 + 1
The thought of what three children it's always two against one to hard life. Yet adults who were three in their siblings often testify that affinities change over the ages and stages of each. There is no closed clan, just complicities that evolve.
10- An easy third
It is often said that the thirds interfere rather easily in the timetable of the big ones. It is true that, failing to be able to monopolize the attention of his parents, he learns quickly to share and to wait. Hence a character often more "cool. "


Having a 3rd Baby | Parents (February 2021)