April 20, 2024

10 tips for traveling zen with your children

1 - Bring water bottles and a mist, especially if you do not have air conditioning. Be especially careful when traveling with a baby: Dehydration is fast.

2 - By car always, equip yourself with sun visors. It is found in supermarkets or service stations.

3 - To occupy them during the long journeys, propose them games of riddles: "who am I?", "Neither yes nor no", "Jacques said" ... Or make them guess the departments on the plates of as long as they are still there.

4 - If your children do not suffer too much from motion sickness, why not board board games like Power 4 or a game of magnetic checkers?

- Or our favorite, the Big book of car trips at Seuil jeunesse. This big spiral notebook is a mine of songs, games, stories, jokes ... enough to occupy long journeys. 18.91?

6 - Remember to board, in addition to yours, some favorite CDs of your toddlers: rhymes, songs, stories ... It's classic, but it "works" again.

7 - Obviously, the electronic games will undoubtedly be more followers. In this case, think big: opt for the new portable console Nintendo DS which has a great autonomy.

8 - And if your children are movie buffs, portable DVD players may have a place in your car.

9 - If the airlines have been offering films for a long time, the SNCF also offers it. In the "Cinétrain" kiosks present in most major railway stations, and in many TGV train wagons for trips longer than two hours. It is possible to rent a DVD player with a movie. Information: 01 45 63 03 77

10- To solve the problem of heartache in transportation, here are some tips:

- By car, we must look at a fixed point on the horizon, and open the window, ventilation is good.
- Make sure your children do not eat too much before departure. As for snacks, choose bread and biscuits. As for sodas, they have an anti-nausea effect: do not deprive it therefore!
- Provide plastic bags or kits "Vom Kid's", consisting of a bag with absorbent anti-odor and a fresh towel, available in pharmacies and parapharmacies.
- Always in pharmacies, we find remedies for heart trouble. For babies, prefer homeopathy, for example with Cocculine. From age 3, Sea-Band wristbands, acting on the principle of acupressure, are an alternative to drugs that have sometimes unpleasant side effects. 13.72?

International Travel with a Toddler: Tips and Product Must-Haves (April 2024)