January 16, 2022

10 tips to welcome baby at home

1- All articles from baby that you choose must be up to standard. The safety of babies is subject to testing of materials, materials, toxicity, strength, comfort ... Read the instructions carefully and do not allow any freedom of use or diversion of use. If a lounger has no mobile game height, it's because baby can hang easily in a few weeks and switch.

2- The car seat is one of the accessories that you must choose first. Because it will serve you to bring back your child from the maternity or the hospital! Adaptable on wheels, it makes it possible not to wake baby if he falls asleep in the car. However, it is not recommended to use it as a stroller because baby should not exceed two hours in this position. Fixed in the car, it can guarantee even more safety because there is no danger that the clips are not properly engaged. Once set up (possibly by a professional seller), he stays there.

3- The stroller must offer a comfortable and flat position for the first 3 months. There are progressive strollers from birth to age when your child can do without them. If you have a lot of car travel, check the weight of the stroller and its ease of folding.

4- The baby carrier is very useful in the first months to take baby everywhere with you smoothly and safely. It must nonetheless provide a support head and back impeccable.

5- The changing table should be ideally near a water point, at a good height for you and in a place large enough so that baby does not roll on the floor. Around, you will have everything you need for the toilet: physiological saline, moisturizer, diapers, wipes, cotton ...

6- The baby bath is, of course, very practical in the bathroom. But the first days, you may want to put it on a large table so you do not break your back and have all the products spread around you time to catch the hand. Shampoo and soaps must be special baby. However clear water is suitable for newborns for a few weeks!

7- Newborn diapers must wait for you at home. They are designed for the size but also for the quality of your baby's liquid stool. Side wipes, some moms are for, others are against. Very practical, they can however also be replaced by cotton and water without any washing product.

8- Pajamas of different sizes will help you out when you come home. But do not get hammered in your head. You will have to send Papa anyway, at least 10 times in the first week, to the specialty stores.

9- Bottles, breast pumps, sterilizers or sterilization tablets are basic instruments. Even if you are breastfeeding your baby, having some baby bottles so that you can draw your milk and let Papa feed baby will allow you to sleep. You'll need a bottle brush to clean them up perfectly, bibs or small fabrics to wipe the returns.

10- Dodo side, a bassinet can be useful to make sleep baby near your bed if you wish it. A bed, possibly a baby bed, 4 fitted sheets, sleeping bags or crocheted blankets, pacifiers (if you have nothing against it) and a little blanket will increase the chances of your baby sleeping peacefully. Adorn the windows of his room with dark curtains so as not to let the light through. A very soft night light, for bottles and feedings at night, will allow him to learn as quickly as possible the difference between day and night.

Our advice
Prepare the announcements in advance! Between breastfeeding, bottle feeding, first colic and sleepless nights, it will be difficult to be creative. Make sure you only have to fill in the weight and kilo entries: envelopes, stamps, card stock must be chosen, filled, written, glued!