January 24, 2021

10 ways to cook potatoes all year long

Salt preparation : the potato has the capacity to transform at will. It can be cooked in many ways and incorporated into an infinity of receipts. Here are some ideas of preparations.

French fries: this is the recipe favorite of children. To limit caloric intake, there are now fryers where only a tablespoon of oil is enough to cook your home fries. Here's one recipe greedy and light at the same time!
Baked: One of our favorite methods is cooking potatoes individually in foil (it will act as foil). You have to choose big ones potatoes so that the result is all the more successful. Once out of the oven, lightly crack the skin of the potato and enjoy it with fresh cream and chives.
Wok: this type of cooking allows you to cook many foods with a small amount of fat, the wok being non-stick. So we cut some potatoes into small ones before placing them in the wok. Then we give way to our imagination to add gourmet accompaniments: leeks, chorizo, carrots, tomatoes, eggs, ham, zucchini ...
Microwave: This type of cooking is certainly the fastest, it is ideal for express meals. The goal being to simulate steam cooking in the microwave, the potatoes must be placed in an enclosed space (freezer bag or suitable container). There are also more and more potatoes sold in bags adapted for the microwave. Just make a few holes in the bags containing the potatoes before placing it between 7 and 10 minutes in the microwave.
Gnocchi: this gourmet accompaniment is essentially composed of potatoes. To make delicious gnocchi, cook the potatoes in the oven on a bed of coarse salt, then peel them and mash them. Add flour, eggs and cottage cheese before forming the famous little balls that you will cook in boiling water. Finally, we return our gnocchi for two minutes in the pan with butter before serving hot.
With water: this cooking method is among the most classic. We can cook potatoes with or without the skin, whole or in small dice, but in any case it will be necessary to season them after cooking in the water. This technique may be a little bland, so fresh herbs, salt, pepper, paprika can help enhance the taste of our potatoes.
Barbecuing: Using the hot embers used to grill the meat, we can cook our potatoes. You have to wrap them in aluminum foil and simply place them on the embers, remember to turn them regularly.

Sweet preparation : the potato has been cooked in a sweet way since 1761, that may seem surprising in our culture, because we are accustomed to eat it only in dishes salty. But the English for example, at this time, consider that the tuber (potato) is better to consume in the form of dessert. They cook especially puddings or jam based on potatoes. Here are some ideas of preparations.

Potato cake: the basis of desserts the potatoes is always the same, it consists of mashed potatoes, egg yolks, snow whites, sugar, vanilla sugar and baker's yeast. This mixture gives rise to a delicious brioche. You can also add various flavors like lemon or orange blossom to give even more originality to this recipe.
Swedish pie: this recipe typical is composed of potatoes grated, worked with butter, sugar, egg yolk and crushed almonds. The set is placed in a pie dish for cooking.
Crepe "vonnassienne": it is a pancake formed with a purée of potatoes traditional, relaxed with milk until the dough becomes liquid. Then, cook the dough as usual in a pancake pan.

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