June 25, 2022

100% grapefruit slimming menu: Grapefruit Carpaccio, prawns and arugula

For dessert or as a starter, the recipe for carpaccio grapefruit from Florida, prawns Crispy and rocket is a treat. This recipe is proposed to us by the Florida Department Citrus (FODC) who wishes to highlight all the virtues and the benefits of the grapefruit

Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: 2 min

Ingredients for 4 persons :
4 grapefruits of Florida
5 cl of olive oil
16 prawns
4 sheets of brick
50 g of rocket shoots
Espelette pepper
flower of salt

Chef Tip: For easy peeling grapefruits from Florida, roughly peel the skin and put them in the fridge one night. The remaining white skin will harden and pull back easily.

1.Pel them grapefruits live and cut them into thin slices like a carpaccio.
Arrange them in a rosette on a plate and season them with olive oil.

2.Decorate the prawns and cut them in the back to remove the black filament. Season them with the fleur de sel and the Espelette pepper.

3. Cut the pastry sheets into 16 strips and wrap one prawns per band. Fry them in a pan in a little olive oil for one minute on each side.

4.Discard the prawns on the carpaccio plates and decorate with some rocket shoots.

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