November 30, 2021

1001 gourmet creations for Mother's Day

Gourmet Palette - Christophe Roussel
Christophe Roussel knows how to be inspired by women when it comes to making them happy. Mingle makeup and greed, how to do better? Besides, we would believe this pastry straight out of a bathroom. Yet she eats herself. And it's another explosion of flavors waiting for moms. The brush and the pencil are in chocolate, the white chocolate lipstick. As for the tube of cream, it is filled with light spread and eye shadows hide praline. Finally, treats with multiple flavors await moms inside this very greedy palette.
Price: 45?

Flower Mother - Dalloyau
Here is one cake who smells good spring and the sweet love of a mother. Meringue, stewed strawberries with strawberries from the woods sublimate this creation. Based on a shortbread, a soft almond calisson biscuit and a vanilla white chocolate cream. A whole poem ... But it will be necessary to hurry to savor this pastry sweet and flowery. Indeed, it will only be available from 1st June 3rd.
Price: 58? for 6 persons

Sweety Rose - Lenôtre

here is a cake delicate and sweet as a mother, which will surely melt the heart of your mother on this very special day. This creation of the Lenôtre house is a baba soaked in strawberry and passion fruit syrup, accompanied by a vanilla-lime panna cotta on a raspberry crisp. All this is decorated with chocolate hearts with raspberry ganache and crystallized rose petals.
Price: 42? for 6 persons

Pink heart jasmine tart - Pierre Hermé
Just see this pastry to succumb to his subtlety. Side taste, we trust completely Pierre Hermé who can sublimate everything, and who has nothing more to prove. The pink heart jasmine pie is no exception to the rule. It is composed of a short pastry, a jasmine ganache and a pink mascarpone cream. A true declaration of scented love.
Price: from 33? for 2/3 people

Joséphine - Ladurée
At the beginning of June, the temperatures are summer. What is better then dessert iced to refresh the taste buds of the whole family? This red and white dome contains a raspberry sorbet, a perfect ice cream with rose petals and a small heart with a crispy meringue. But to benefit from this creation, it will be necessary to be fast. The entremets Josephine will be on sale only 1st June 3rd. On your marks !
Price: 72? for 6/8 parts

Arcachon tart - Fauchon

Your mother swears by strawberries? This summer, enjoy the gourmet collection Fauchon-les-bains, which revisits the great classics of the pastry French around seasonal flavors. The Arcachon pie is one of them and will delight moms. The first gourmands will taste this thin strawberry tart with Gariguette, while the following will revel in the Mara des bois, to follow the season. Below, hides a cream with mashed blackcurrant half-panna cotta, half-crème brûlée, and a delicate shortbread dough.
Price: 7.50? the individual part and from 30? for 4 people

Bouquet of macaroons - Paul

If your mom is crazy about macarons, go to Paul's place. Apricot-rosemary, orange-mint, lemon-thyme, orange blossom-orange ... For Mother's Day, offer an assortment of 12 mini macarons, with perfumes as unusual as tasty. Offer this beautiful box as a gift, and finish the family meal by feasting yourself with these sweets.
Price: 8.70?

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