December 10, 2023

17 years old and already mom: 7 tips to live serenely your life of young mother

Organize yourself! Between classes, outings, baby, the life of the young mother requires a sacred organization .... almost military! Divide roles with your parents, learn to delegate for your well-being and that of your baby !

Live your life adolescence ! It is very important that you live your teenage life otherwise you may regret it and subconsciously make it pay to your baby. For example, entrust your parents to your parents on Saturday and go shopping with your girlfriends. A little carelessness does not hurt and you would be super happy to find your baby after...

Persevere! It is not because one becomes a mother that one has to abandon one's projects, one's dreams. Admittedly, it will be different but everything is still possible. Go to the end of your studies, hang in there! Often with a babywe are more motivated to work and we make more bold choices.

Do not feel guilty! Young moms tend to feel guilty about their surroundings, vis-à-vis their baby for fear of not offering him everything he needs. Just remember one thing: a baby to be happy just needs to feel loved!

Ask for advice! Being a mom does not improvise, it is learned especially if you are a very young girl. If you are lost, do not hesitate to ask questions to those around you. The doctors are there too to accompany you. If you have difficulty living this stage of your life, talk to a psychologist. He will listen to you, and help you to pass this course smoothly.

Do not close the door to other men! Some girls think that with a child, no boy will want her. It's not because a man has disappointed you that other men are similar. Trust again and do not stop yourself from experiencing another love story

Positize! Even if it seems difficult, try to move forward. You do not imagine what the arrival of a child will bring you! Nothing is more beautiful than to see your child grow up ...

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