October 5, 2022

17 years old and already mom: being a mom at 17, Manon tells us!

Was this pregnancy desired, or was it an accident?

An accident ! I lived a love story with Laurent for 6 months, I took the pill but I happened to forget once, once too much ... I could abort but I was unable to, I therefore decided to keep the baby. And Laurent approved my decision.

How did your family react?

At first it was very complicated, especially for my father. He had trouble getting the idea that his own baby make a baby. When my sister, who is trying to have a child with her husband for 2 years, it was hard news to digest for her. Fortunately, my mother immediately supported me. Today, she gives me tips on how to behave with a babyshe also teaches me to be a good mother. When to my father he became completely gaga of his little girl. With the arrival of Lucie, our family got closer.

How did you experience the eyes of others?

Many people criticized me. I heard that I was an easy girl, that I had a child in the back of Laurent and so on ... I actually think I was a little naive, considering that this kind things could never happen to me. I also lost a lot of friends. But we must see the positive side, it allowed me to sort my surroundings!

Did your couple survive Lucie's arrival?

At first we sincerely believed our story. Laurent was present at thedelivery. Then our relationship changed, he was not ready to take on this full-time father role, he got scared so he went out with other girls. At first I had pain but I understood. On the other hand, he comes to see me often and assumes his responsibility of daddy vis-à-vis Lucie.

You are 17 years old, you have to pass the bac at the end of the year, how do you manage to reconcile the courses, the revisions with the baby ?

I still live with my parents. I am very lucky because my mother is doing nights like that I can not completely exhausted the morning in class. On the other hand, it's me who manages the bath, the baby bottles. And at weekends, I'm the one who deals exclusively with Lucie.

Do you feel that you have grown up faster than others?

I feel like I'm 10 years old. Today, I feel more responsible, more motivated to do something in my life. Before I did not care about studies. Today, I want to succeed my baccalaureate, find a job, an apartment to shelter my daughter. I am very happy with my life even if it requires a lot of concessions. For nothing in the world, I will not go back!

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