September 25, 2021

17 years old and already mom: the analysis of a shrink!

Do teen moms have more difficulty becoming mothers?

Yes of course, theadolescence is a trying time for a girl. We seek his way, we ask ourselves questions. One is often in rebellion against one's own parents. This is not a time when we feel empowered. Outside, you have to be able to find yourself, to take responsibility for being able to raise your child serenely.

The place of teenage fathers in these stories?

Two-thirds recognize the child, but all do not stay with the mother to raise it Often the young man goes away because he is scared. It is a problem of maturity ... Even if it is difficult for the young teen mom to understand, it is necessary that it does not exclude the father of the life of his child, that it does not close him the door if he wants to come back and know his child a few years later.

By becoming parents, do young girls "teens" totally change their way of life?

They adapt their lives with the arrival of baby but many girls come home from maternity and start dating their girlfriends a week later. They find themselves torn between the desire to become an adult and to remain a young teenager.

What advice could you give to these young moms?

Get help. To be surrounded by loving people and especially to say that even if it seems difficult to them, they can learn a lot in this stage of their lives and enjoy happiness they could not have imagined.

Two and a Half Men - Charlie at the Shrink (September 2021)