August 16, 2022

2008 trends

 Fashion: trends to keep for 2008
Leather jacket, low boots, jeans ... did you like them in 2007? Find them in 2008!
 Deco : bright furniture
Indirect light effects are more and more used in decoration, and in this search for new atmospheres, the luminous furniture becomes unavoidable.
 Hair: be trendy in 2008!
Who says new year says new head. Discover the trends haircuts, passing by the people, the square ... well everything to start 2008!
 First names: trends for 2008
As every year for 21 years, Joséphine Besnard's La cote des prénoms book trends of 2008 for the new names.
 Deco : the trend stickers also for children
Does your child love stickers? Good!
To revive the walls of his room while having fun with him, let yourself be seduced by the stickers.
 Environment : a collective awareness
After the Grenelle de l'Environnement organized by the government, discover the small gestures of the editorial staff to protect our planet.
 Makeup: tips to follow the 2008 trend
To know how to make up does not improvise. To guide you, here are some tips, techniques and beauty products to be at the top of the trend !
 Cheminées: when design meets ecology
With the new fireplaces eco decoraton, finished the chore of wood, the ashes to clean and finished the smells.
Nutrition : the keys to a balanced diet
A varied diet adapted to the age and fashion life, helps to maintain good health and protect against certain pathologies. The point with a famous nutritionist.

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