August 12, 2020

2015 Numerology - Destiny Number 2

2015 Numerology - Destiny Number 2


The cosmic environment of the first quarter will be a factor of tension and rupture. Some sentimental conflicts will fester over the months. You could leave without leaving an address or quilt separately. However, for the period from June to October, love will be the star and will be favored. Weddings scheduled for the second half of the year should be durable and very happy.

Job : As of March, your professional future will look pretty good. The patient efforts you have made in the last few months will begin to bear fruit. The unemployed will find a job between May and June. You will achieve prowess in your current fall work. Unfortunately, your relationships with those around you are difficult, especially in October.


Most of the time this year, you will have good physical strength and great post-exercise recovery. Do not abuse your vitality, or you will regret it. Between February and April, arthritis will tend to wake up. For those over the age of 50, kidney complications may occur in early May. If you smoke, consider stopping once and for all!

: This year, the cosmic impulses will assure you financially of their total support. You will enjoy an exceptional cash chance. You can also count on a happy evolution of your business. But you will need to be flexible and diplomatic to overcome the obstacles that the envious will not fail to draw in your way. In June and July, play a game of chance: you will congratulate yourself!

Destiny Number 2 Secrets Revealed (AKA. Expression Number 2) (August 2020)