May 30, 2020

3 greedy ways to cook red cabbage

1- Old red cabbage
For a traditional and gourmet approach to cabbage red, you have to combine duck breast or a quality sausage (Lyonnaise, for example). Brown your cabbage red in butter or duck fat, and add sliced ​​onions, finely sliced ​​apple, bacon, garlic, salt and pepper, and a few grains of cumin. Let it simmer for about half an hour by gradually adding vegetable broth. Meanwhile, cook your sausage and a potato with the casserole. Serve everything in one dish. Enjoy your meal !

2- Red cabbage salad
How to get out of the salad cabbage red "basic"? Simply by combining good ingredients or original touches. For a gourmet traditional salad, add to cabbage coarsely grated red potatoes, olive oil, herring (or other smoked fish), a few sprigs of dill and spicy mustard. Serve with a big slice of still warm country bread, it's a treat.
For a surprising vitamin salad, add a citrus (orange or grapefruit) and some figs to your cabbage red. An entry full of vitamins that works in any season.

3- A cake with red cabbage
Finely sliced, the cabbage red is perfect in a cake, especially when paired with crunchy seeds (nuts, hazelnuts, flax seeds) and a dark flour, complete with chestnut or buckwheat. For example, you can make a cake cabbage red-hazelnut with a little spicy olive oil.

Two Greedy Italians - Potato and cabbage bake, Tortino di patate e cavolo (HD) (May 2020)