October 27, 2021

- 3 Kg in 1 week with Valérie Orsoni (day 7): nutrition advice: pay attention to hidden fats!

Beware of salads of raw vegetables
... and their sauce!
Summer we opt for a good big salad ... hmmm! But, this beautiful salad is very tasty never comes alone ;-): a good little very rich fat sauce accompany him! The advice of the coach? Ask the waiter to have your salad dressing put into a small ramekin next to (and not above), you can then pour only a few fillets of this sauce ;-)
Similarly, some starters / preparations, even if they contain vegetables, are very high in fat. This is the case celery remoulade, macedonia, beets (with vinaigrette), eggplant caviar (and other appetizers in olive oil).
Prefer tomatoes, cucumbers, grated carrots and even tabbouleh! Be careful with the avocado, which contains a lot of fat too.
Beware of hot starters
As a part of quiche, a cheese fonder or even meat; they are dishes very rich in energy.
Prefer them one crudités !
The aperitif
You can well imagine that the drink is not necessarily a balanced moment. Attention, again, to traps such as black olives, high in fat: prefer green! The small cocktail sausages They are also traitors: they contain about 30 g of lipids per 100 g.
The peanuts and other pistachios also contain fats.
Only option if you feel a squirrel appetite: the almonds , which contain unsaturated fats, good for cholesterol (but not more than a handful). The exotic fruits dried are also a good option.
If you are a deli lover, hard to avoid fats, hidden or not. Pâté or rillettes are of course to be limited.
You can possibly take some slices of sausage (5 maximum). But avoid chorizo, and limit the salami.
The smoked ham or white ham are more sensible choices to avoid fats.
Cheese on a tray
As far as cheeses are concerned, everything is often a quantity question.
A small portion of 30 g will not bring you too much fat. Take some typical cheeses fresh goat, brie coulommiers or camembert.
On the other hand, avoid gruyère or bleu.
The desserts
... to keep for special occasions! Privilege at the end of the meal, fruits, compotes, yogurts, white cheeses
And especially beware of cream desserts, pies, donuts, tiramisu, pastries, etc ... that are rich in sugars and fat !
To consume sparingly!

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