April 20, 2024

3 tips to succeed the perfect smoky eye

An easy smoky in 5 minutes chrono
If you tend to get tangled with make-up brushes, it's better to start slowly by creating a smoky look with a single black eyeshadow. It is chosen matt, iridescent or glittery according to his desires and the desired result.
We will develop his smoky quite simply by drawing a halo coal all around the eye. We begin by applying a fixative makeup base on the eyelid (step to never zap for a makeup of the successful look). It will allow the pigments to adhere better and prolong the holding of the make-up, particularly by preventing the eye from migrating into the folds of the eyelid and preserving its intensity. Then apply the black eye shadow on the eyelid with a flat brush. An application to the finger may be considered but it will be less precise. The rough finish can however have a sexy side.
Once the makeup is evenly applied to the crease of the eyelid, the contours are degraded with a smearing brush for a smoky effect. Finally, we draw a line of pencil black flush with the lower lashes. Then finish by placing a little light (white or gold) in the inner corner, final touch to brighten the look.
To boost the intensity of your smoky, you can also apply kohl or pencil bold before eyeshadow. And we do not forget, if you put on a smoky look, the complexion must be perfect and the mouth play low profile.
Instructions for an elaborate smoky
If you master the art of brushing, you can embark on a more sophisticated smoky using several different intensity blushes. This allows to sculpt the look but also to bring depth to makeup. We then opt for a palette of eyeshadow dedicated that usually contains all shades to succeed his charcoal eye.
After applying a fixing base, lay the foundations of your smoky by drawing a thin line of kohl or pencil black fat flush with the lower lashes and a much thicker line flush with the upper lashes (you can also color the entire eyelid mobile if you want to make a smoky more imposing). Blend the kohl with a foam brush. On the mobile eyelid, on top, we will then put on its darkest black makeup. Then, apply a medium black eye shadow in the eyelid hollow before working the two colors together to blend naturally. Finally, apply an iridescent blush to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone to illuminate the makeup. Do not forget to iron with your black eye shadow on the lower eyelash kohl line before degrading the material again with a classic blending brush this time.
And if we are not sure of mastering the art of smoky to perfection, we choose step by step palettes, more and more numerous, which guide us from A to Z in the realization of our fatal gaze.
The colorful smoky
If you find the smoky eye too difficult to assume, you can opt for the colorful smoky and replace the black eye shadow with a dark brown or anthracite gray. Less dramatic, this smoky look is easier to wear and is perfect for daytime makeup. For a result a little more fashion, it is directed towards the blue, the purple or even the emerald green. With these colorful smoky, we will have eyes only for you.

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