June 10, 2023

3rd edition of the EuropaVox festival: Europe in the spotlight

This year, EuropaVox is gaining momentum and settles in eight cities in the Massif Central and Auvergne between May 29 and June 7: Vichy, Saint-Etienne, Aurillac, Limoges, Tulles, Cahors and Montlucon. Clermont-Ferrand will remain at the center of the festivities. The concerts are organized at the Cooperative de Mai and in the Magic Mirrors marquee, place du 1er mai.
The concept of this festival is always the same: invite and propose to the public shows given by European artists. Belgium will be represented by its flagship rock band, Girls in Hawaii, Baloji will also wear the colors of the kingdom. In the rest of the program, we will discover the German reggae phenomenon Gentleman & the Far East Band, the Czech group Reskata and the English duo Dan Le Sac. For France, this third edition marks the end with the arrival of Camille, the group of BB Brunes, Birdy Nam Nam and Las Ondas Marteles.
The organizers of festival this autumn, the EuropaVox tour, which runs from September to October. Six groups from as many European countries will cross the borders to discover their music.
The EuropaVox 2008 compilation will be given to each spectator. It brings together 120 European artists.

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EuropaVox Festival
May 29 to June 7, 2008

Mr Nô @ Fac251/The Hacienda (Manchester) with Peter Hook (June 2023)