August 16, 2022

4 easy hairstyles for styling long hair

A mohair braid

Before starting the hairstyle smooth all the hair and then crimp the top of the head to create a kind of shell. Then divide the hair in two parts from the middle of the neck, which allows to create a maximum of volume at the level of the ears. Then bring a hair length on the right side on the left side without tightening the strands too much. Perform the same operation on the other side then alternate to the end lengths before attaching the hairstyle with an elastic of the color of your hair. Finally, to create this famous spike of wheat finalize the hairstyle by destructuring it. It is enough to undo a few bits here and there to obtain a braid mohair natural and wild.

A romantic bun

Wrap your hair in an elastic so that they form a ball. Then remove a few locks of hair that you will carefully resume the curling iron. Then put your hand in the hairstyle so as to ruffle the loops a bit and then fix the set with a glossy haze of lacquer.

A chic and minimalist ponytail

Draw a straight line on the side on the top of the head and apply a smoothing cream on the hair. Then pull them into a very tight ponytail on the nape of the neck and tie the hairstyle with an animal print ribbon. You can also tie your ponytail by wrapping a lock of hair all around. It will suffice to maintain the hairstyle by wedging a small clip in the lock of hair and lacquering it well.

Cascading loops

The curls are working on clean hair. So after washing her hair we apply a styling cream to prevent it from drying out. Then to make pretty loops, we draw English on the finger drying the hair upside down and introducing the loops in the diffuser of the dryer. To finish apply an oil on the tips to give shine to your hairstyle. Another easy way to curl your hair, wrap it in a bun and let it air dry. Result? When you unwind the hairstyle you get beautiful ultra glamorous ripples.

4 Easy, Quick, and Pretty Hairstyles for Long Hair (August 2022)