August 15, 2022

4 gourmet tips to succeed in a sweet or savory chaplain

1 - Choose your favorite subject for the making of the chaplain's tour
For the outline of a chaplain, you have the choice between dough to pancakes (soft and creamy), brick sheets (slightly stiffer) or even rice leaves, for an original and miniature result!
2 - Tie your chaplain
Closing his chaplain effectively but also pretty is not always easy. For salty hens, you can use a long sprig of chives to tie everything together, while for sweet almonds, a zest of candied citrus is the most beautiful effect when serving desserts.
The simplest solution is a string of fine cuisine or a small wooden pick that you place at the beginning of cooking and that you can remove at the exit of the oven: the chaplains should be kept alone!
3 - Prevent the bottom from tears
If you use brick sheetsoverlay two to strengthen the bottom and prevent it from tearing. It's harder with rice leaves, but for the dough crepeyou can also thicken the bottom of your dish.
4 - Vary the pleasures
The trick of a successful chaplain, whether sweet or salty, is to vary the pleasures depending on the season. Banana-chocolate, citrus fruits and spices, goat cheese and jam, foie gras aumônière, regional cheese and charcuterie, mushrooms and steamed fish ... imagination is your only limit!

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