October 1, 2020

4 organic and fresh vegetable cocktail ideas to keep fit

Revisit the tomato juice
Serve tomato juice with celery salt is quite common. Revisit this recipe adding carrot juice and lemon. The tomato also marries pepper. Take the opportunity to make tasty smoothies. Unless you let yourself be tempted by the tomato-avocado alliance. Or the most original flavor of the wedding with orange and grapefruit, or vanilla. To test !

Cucumber: fresh and light
As an aperitif, forget the alcohol and serve instead a smoothie cucumber, mint, coconut milk. Add a chopped shallot and a clove of garlic. Alternatively, mix the vegetable with lemon juice and parsley. Less known, Cucumber collins will please your guests. In a shaker, mix cucumber, gin, lemon juice, sparkling water and cane sugar syrup. To be replaced eventually by lemonade. Shake, serve!

Orange as a carrot
The carrot is also suitable for many cocktails. Like Allegria, which includes vegetables, pineapples, oranges and lemons in one drink. Do you prefer simplicity? Opt for a cocktail made from organic carrots and oranges. Otherwise, in a blender, mix carrot juice, orange and fresh ginger. Tchin!

Pea, zucchini or beetroot?
Whatever your favorite vegetable, there is always a cocktail to use it and make you happy. Marry the peas with the white cocoa cream. With zucchini, bet instead on lime and pepper. As for the beet, it will be tasty with raspberry and cranberry juice. Ideal for filling up with vitamins. Health!