June 2, 2020

4 simple ideas for green cooking in 2013

1) In the kitchen: I equip my room intelligently
For the treatment of waste, if you are in the countryside, think compost ... but you can also invest in a sorting bin (some are superb!), A food waste disposer that installs under the sink, a bottle compactor or biodegradable garbage bags.

2) I cook: how to make it green?
Most of the homemade compositions make it possible to escape the packaging: yogurts, sherbets and bread lend themselves well. Prefer wooden cutlery and bamboo planks whenever you can, even if it's impossible for knives to meat, for example.

3) In my recipes: the right choice of products
Consume organic as much as possible. By respecting the seasonality of the products, your fruits and vegetables will not necessarily be more expensive. Eat less meat (it's better for you) and choose it labeled.

4) Opt for "green" cooking
The preferred cooking methods, to save energy without denaturing the product, are soft steam, cooking with pressure cooker or autoclave and ... the microwave, which paradoxically is far from being the least green! In this case, use a plate rather than plastic containers.

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